First, I have appreciated every single newsletter. Although the rhythm of 1/day is quite intense so I have kept them all and will go back to some that I have not yet digested :).

I am sincerely worried about what disinformation is doing to the World. Every single platform is plagued with it. Even a platform like Nextdoor that was originally intended to truly connect neighbors…

I wanted to add to this discussion, this episode of Hidden Brain on npr that discusses how to disprove misinformation. https://www.npr.org/2017/03/13/519661419/when-it-comes-to-politics-and-fake-news-facts-arent-enough

Sadly, it seems to suggest that it is hard work and nearly impossible once the misinformation is engraved in somebody’s brain.

And this new generation of teenagers who rely heavily on social platforms for their information is the one that needs daily drills on how to recognize facts. It is a daily discussion at our house with our teenager. His entire school saw the Social Dilemma with us, parents.

The major issue that I also see about the propagation of false information is that we all seem to remain in our echo chambers: look, I am pretty sure that the great majority of subscribers to these newsletters are already convinced. And yes, it gives me more talking points, and yes I keep sharing what I learn but it is hard to reach people out of our own echo chambers.

Thanks again Anne-Marie!

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Last night the school district did a Zoom presentation for parents on Digital Awareness. I have been looking at Instagram, TikTok, as Discord as these seem to be what my teenagers are addicted to. One of them keeps saying something is right (disputable) because she saw a video on TikTok saying so. We parents discussed that these types of sites do not develop pragmatic skills in language. A parent brought up the Social Dilemma which the presenters said was good. I am going to watch it with my kids tonight. I will try to get my kids to play the Bad News Junior game. with me. Thanks for the book suggestion.

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What a really great topic as I have had to deal with anti vaccine text messages in the last year. You can get up to speed on a variety of issues by watching Hassan Minhaj on Netflix. He presented so much info on student loans that Congress invited him to testify. Check out The High Cost of Cruising, Fast Fashion, Oil to name just a few. Malcolm Gladwell in his Revisionist History podcast tackles Golf on an episode A Good Walk Spoiled.

For over 30 years the PTA has been pushing for Financial Literacy to be taught. Add to that the recent suggestions of Civics, (thanks Sandra Day O’Connor) and Ethics. The Los Angeles Times called 2021 the year of Stupid. Let’s all smarten up.

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